Frequently Asked Questions

Caulking is a silicone based insulation solution used to seal both Interior and & Exterior part of the home. Applied commonly on the most exposed areas of the home, Such as (but not limited to) Gutters, Windows, Doors, & even the foundation of your home. Caulking, like painting. comes in a variety of different colours to add asthetique to the Interior or Exteriors of your home.

While material cost for Caulking may vary depending on the type of Caulking you will be using and depending on how and where is will be applied, the real cost for Caulking is in the labour. For example: Residential home that have old Caulking requiring it to be replaced need the old Caulking removed which takes time to remove. Removal difficulty can vary from soft rubber like silicone or a cement like material. 

Grouting is a sand based filing that is used to fill the gaps in between newely laid tiles in showers, kitchens, living rooms, backsplashes etc… Over time like anything else in your home Grout also needs to be cleaned or replaced from time to time.

Check with your Myrrhvilla Representative to see if the service you’re inquiring about qualifies for our Warranty.

All of our services have been adjusted with the current pandemic in mind. Myrrhvilla takes every precaution to complete customers service all while maintaining a safe distance or applying proper sanitation.  

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