Our Services

01. Interior & Exterior


Caulking provides a weather and moisture proof seal on areas it is applied to preventing leakage from the elements that cause most moisture based issues. Caulk can be applied on Window, Doors, Showers and Kitchens

Caulking is also the make or breakers of most aesthetic applications which is why it is greatly valued as a finishing application.

02. Shower, Kitchen, Tile


Grout is a type of sand based sealant that fills in the spaces of newly installed tile to prevent damage.

Grout also makes for a great way to beautify tile and accentuate the features of tiles with the multiple colour options that can be chosen from.

03. Gutter & Eaves trough

Gutter and Eavestrough cleaning & Repair

Now’s as good a time as ever to invest in a gutter inspection. Clean gutters are a great way to prevent future problems such as foundation leaks, sagging or Fallen Gutters.

Having build up inside of your gutters can cause a multitude of problems like over flow, broken foundation in home & basement leaks. 

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